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Top 5 Sex Positions with Bangalore Girls – Meet the Sky level satisfaction

Today in Bangalore Call Girl we are going to suggest you the positions which meet the sky level satisfaction. And you like to perform to meet both male and female dominant sexual pleasure. This top level 5 position will give you unlimited fun and your expectation and desires can be complete through this. There are lots of males and females who meet the sexual pleasure but they do not how to reach the 100% satisfaction level because lack of knowledge of positions and having pleasure. This blog is writing only for those who want to meet Top level satisfaction just to gather some information from this blog and make their sexual appetite complete through it. So let’s get started

  • Missionary Sex Positions
  • Coital Alignment Technique
  • Legs on Shoulders
  • The Pancake
  • Doggystyle

Missionary Sex Positions

Bangalore VIP call girls are ready to do the position which demanded by the clients. But to do in real position it is really important to feel the pleasure also. When your partner is not meeting the sky level satisfaction it is really bullish thing. Missionary sex position is famous in which you and your partner do sex in from front. This is always a meeting pleasure position which gives you high level satisfaction. When you are starting the sexual pleasure then must take this position as the first priority.

Coital Alignment Technique

It is the part of missionary position when your partner bends her legs and her both legs touches to your butts. It will help to give her instant orgasm and feel good when she will moan after you direct rub her friction.

Coital Alignment Technique Position

Legs on Shoulders

Her legs on your shoulders and this will help you to give super orgasm and feel like you both will be as hungry as you do not touch Both’s private parts. This will increase the level of satisfaction and bring the extreme level of satisfaction to both faces. Your mind’s pressure will remove soon and you will get closer fun together. Bangalore Call Girls are master in this position if you are hiring them for one day or night.

Legs on Shoulders

The Pancake

Charging elements in this position will be in extreme level. Your female Bangalore partner legs will be in the sky and you will also able to kiss her lips and this wills also a flexible position that meets 100% satisfaction level of both of you. Bangalore Escort is ready to make you moan when you rub hardly in her pussy.

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One of the favourite and extreme levels of satisfaction position which meets the high level satisfaction factor. Your female partner also loves to join you like a professional and you will feel the highest sex drive when you are perfoming this satisfaction extreme level sex position. Much performed by Escort in Bangalore and they are ready to make you feel exciting while you are doing this position because this form include the much force and release the sexual performance as soon as possible.

Doggystyle Bangalore Escort

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