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How to Please Male Clients Told by Escorts

There are always some issues that Female Bangalore Call Girls have to deal with, such as sexism and sexual harassment. However, one of the biggest problems that female escorts face is client complaints about not pleasing their man enough.

This article will give great tips on how to please male clients, telling you what they like and don’t like when it comes to sex, including specific positions and other things they enjoy. It will also contain advice from a male escort himself so you know how to make your man feel satisfied and happy.

As I am a F­emale Escort in Bangalore, My name is Sneha the Independent High Class Bangalore Call Girl who is giving the services in different places. I have a lot of experience pleasing my clients. Here is some information that you may or find helpful.

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First of all, most men appreciate women who can be aggressive in bed. This does not mean being mean or anything like that; it just means that most men love to see women taking the lead for a change and showing their aggressiveness. Most men like their woman to be aggressive in bed because it makes them feel more masculine, which is what many males are looking for in a relationship with a woman. Men love to be the dominant one in the relationship and make all the decisions, but sometimes they want to switch from time to time and feel vulnerable at times as well.

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How to Please Male Clients Told by Escorts

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